« Implant Mosaic » Oran, 200 Algerian practitioners attending the launching of the "France Maghreb Training Tour" in Implantology.

This program, initiated by Drive, shows the thrust of its scientific team in Implantology, for training new or confirmed implantologists.

Addressed themes were :

- Drive implant philosophy
- Simplified surgical approach, from the internal hexagonal connection N-Tec System, up to the Switching Platform Bio-Neck implant concept : Bio-Xellent, Synkrone…
- "The Bio-Active Shield", innovative concept, for soft and hard tissue optimization.

This program is the first step of a conference serial « Implant Masaic », philisophical and surgical approach.

Followed by a second part, dedicated to implant prosthesis (2014)

"Implant Mosaic" ready to go for a «Special Maghreb tour » starting in 2014